Why it's important Cantabrians
get vaccinated this year


There's a better way to avoid the fluGet flu strong this winter

This winter is going to be a difficult time for people still living in homes left cold and draughty because of earthquake damage.

There has been significant damage to Canterbury District Health Board buildings and facilities and while we are finding different ways of working in order to continue to deliver the services people need, this will be challenging for some time to come.

Getting your flu vaccination is something simple but important you can do for yourself and your family to avoid one more stress you can do without. Keeping people well and out of hospital will also avoid further stretching an already fragile health system, helping ensure that hospital resources are there for when you really need them.

For this reason, all Canterbury residents aged 6 months to 17 years (up to their 18th birthday) can again get a free flu vaccine this year. The vaccine is already free to pregnant women and anyone aged 65 years or over, or with a chronic health condition such as diabetes and asthma or mental illness.